Monday, December 17, 2012

Library Provides Therapy for One Woman

While interviewing staff, volunteers, and customers at the Woods Memorial Branch Library of the Pima County Public Library system, Managing Librarian Coni Weatherford introduced me to a women that visits the library almost every day. Her name is Robin.

Robin accessing the library's free WiFi
You might be thinking that you know an ardent supporter of the libraries that visits often or you might be thinking what a nice place for her to visit, but her story goes much deeper.

You see, it is a test of her strength and will to make a visit to the library. Robin has spent many years as a shut in. She struggles everyday with leaving her house. As part of her therapy, her doctor and therapist suggested she visit the library.

Now she is at the library most days. She leaves her house and her goal is the library. Why such a public place? Why a place that is teeming with kids? Robin put it quite simply, “I feel safe here.”

What a beautiful testament to how the library has saved her life.

Written by Samantha Barry


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