Thursday, December 13, 2012

Libraries Have So Many Stories to Tell...

...and not just through their books. Staff, volunteers, and customers all have their own stories to share. After all, the library exists for and is held together by these people that dedicate their lives to the library, share their community through the library, and enrich their lives through the library.

As an Information Resources and Library Science graduate student at the University of Arizona and an intern with the Pima County Public Library, I am learning more every day about the wonderful people that embody the library community and the stories of how the library has changed their lives. I have been humbled, gratified and amazed at the loyalty and commitment in the library community, whether it be a volunteer that comes in once a week, a customer that has found an outlet to unlimited resources, or a staff member that has spent 40 years in the library.

In this blog I will be sharing these stories. Maybe you know the people in the stories. Maybe you know someone like them. Or maybe you would like to experience the same connections that they do to the library.

Whatever draws you to read these stories, you will discover that the riches in the library are not just books or videos or programs. The real riches are the people that love the library.

Written by Samantha Barry


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